It’s that time of year again: even those who have AC find themselves heading to storage closets to extract dusty fans, only to find that these noisy old devices are stuck firmly in the 20th century, and that they don’t do a very good job of the one thing they’re meant to do: help cool you off.


That’s where Dyson’s Air Multiplier comes in. Like Dyson’s other products, it’s superbly engineered. Like Dyson’s other products, it’s pretty darned pricey. So why on Earth would you want one? Because, like Dyson’s other products, it’s the very best on the market at what it does.


I have no idea what possessed James Dyson to look at the ordinary household fan and think “this is terrible”. He was absolutely right when he did, but I can’t picture the scenario. I can only imagine that it went a little something like this: “the worst thing about the fan is what makes it work. I need to design a fan without blades.”


The Dyson Air Multiplier is a fascinating piece of technology. It uses the same sort of air intake as a jet engine to suck air in from around the fan, then accelerates it around what amounts to an air foil around the inside ring. That action creates an effect like a vacuum, pulling air through the ring and pushing it out the other side in what Dyson calls “air multiplication”. No actual gas-based arithmetic is actually going on, it’s just an incredibly efficient and new way to move air around.


The main question everyone wants answered is: is it worth it? Let’s compare.

It’s pretty clear that the Dyson Air Multiplier, like other Dyson products, is awesome at what it does. Other online tests have shown the Air Multiplier consumes less energy at Maximum than other fans at Minimum. But the big test here is this:

Yes, it’s a really expensive fan. Given the alternative of constantly replacing traditional fans that don’t work as well, or opting for an AC that I don’t really need, I think the Dyson Air Multiplier was well worth the investment. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be cool (hah!) paying this much for a fan, but given what I got out of the bargain, I think it was a deal.



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